OTC Listings: OTCBB For Sale and Merger to Over 15 Countries in 2009

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OTC Listings: OTCBB For Sale and Merger to Over 15 Countries in 2009

At OTC Listings, our contacts are far reaching and global to buyers and sellers of companies. The OTC Listings network of contacts has completed and introduced over 70 transactions this past year such as:

The cost of going public for the companies that listed through a traditional IPO with the OTC Listings Network was $40,000. For those who purchased shell companies or did a reverse merger, the average price in 2009 was $250k. At the end of 2009, the prices went to $350,000, with the first 2010 transaction being $350,000 for an Israeli based OTCBB Listing shell company.

With help from our partners we intend on introducing you to the right contacts to go public. We only ask that you contact us at info@otclistings.com and let us know that you want:

–          To list your company as an IPO on the OTCBB (payments are in 3 installments, consultation is free.)

–          You would like to merge/buy a Pinksheet Shell (what is your budget)

–          You would like to merge or buy an OTCBB shell (what is your budget)

–          You would like financing for purchasing a shell company on the otcbb (You can meet the financing partners.)

–          You would like to sell a public company or sell and OTCBB that you own

–          You would like to sell your company to a public OTC listing

With the help of OTC Listings, a company can acquire a public vehicle or file an S1 via a registration statement and IPO…and GO PUBLIC NOW.

Please contact me directly for more information or if I can be of any further assistance.

Mark Bragg, info@otclistings.com or fill out the comment form.