The Alexa Project Achieved: How to rank under 1,000,000 on in 30 days or less

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The Alexa Project Achieved: How to rank under 1,000,000 on in 30 days or less

Before reading this article, if you don’t already have the Alexa Tool Bar installed I suggest you do it now to get the full feeling for this article. (

As a news alert website we depend upon advertising revenue, pay per lead campaigns for clients, and social media bringing us our viewers. We do not send any emails, spam, or cause any traffic to come to your website other than through search engines like Google. We managed to in 30 days get our ranking from 4,500,000 to 620,000. Read this blog if you are interested in knowing how we did it.

Roughly 30 days ago we started a project called the Alexa Project as one of the advertisers commented that they would not advertise on our website unless we had a rating below 1,000,000 on Alexa. This was common industry knowledge that we were unaware of. Upon further research of the need to rank higher in Alexa, we found that our advertising rates would double if we preformed this task.

Step 1: The first stage of the project began simply with documenting the Alexa Ranking, which was 4,500,000 roughly. The first step we took was we wrote a blog on how we would like to achieve a ranking below 1,000,000 on That article signified the beginning of the project on December 12th 2009 Writing this blog was the first step of trying to get Alexa users who search the term Alexa to come to our website. The second stage was we announced that we wished to lower our Alexa ranking within a forum on of which we stated that we did not want to cheat, and this is going to be done by hardwork, blogging regularily, and doing it the right way. If anyone had any tips, we would listen. The only recommendation we received was to make our default browser page our website address with Alexa installed. Apparently a lot of firms on Alexa use this, especially those with several computers. This would work, but I have only one computer and I didn’t feel like cheating. So I continued with the project.

Step 2: Tell Your Website Users to Install toolbar at

I then encouraged my viewers to install the Alexa tool bar, for their benefit when visiting their website and for our benefit when they visit mine. This was done within the first blog, when I stated:

If you haven’t tried loading the Alexa toolbar to understand what I am saying, then you should do so now at Once it has been loaded, come back to and you will see our rank.

I think it is important, as I have been talking with several people about and most will ask, “What is your Alexa rating?” Enough people mentioned it that I decided to write about it.

Write about others Alexa Ranking in a Blog

As a follow up to this post I requested that they look at other companies who where ranked at the time of the post and where similar topics around the OTCBB. I made a long list and posted in on the website within the original blog.

Step 3: Pick an Industry and Make a Database of Alexa Rankings

I chose to do this next blog on Alexa Rankings of Social Media Websites. This article was written when we were at roughly 3.4 million in the ranking. Within this blog, it discusses how we submitted to directories and search engines as part of the strategy. It gives you a chance to ask viewers to install Alexa so they know what you are talking about!

Step 4: We signed up for Social Media Websites and Tools!

By January 1st OTC Listings dropped below 1,000,000 on the website and now only 12 days later ranks within the top 620,545 ranked on Install Alexa and check out what our ranking is today.

 Install toolbar at and visit to see what our ranking is today.