Building companies in UK as a UK PLC shell for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

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Building companies in UK as a UK PLC shell for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Initially a company is formed at Companies House UK (Companys House) of which it meets all the requirements of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and capital equity requirements. The company then files for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is listed within 2-3 weeks.

Companies in the UK are attractive because the UK companies have provisions utilizing IMs and Prospectus documents that allow for ease of initial pre-public capital raised and financing, in addition, document prepared and reported within the UK have EU passport for documents such as a Prospectus.

The combination of the UK market and the German Stock Exchange Listing, as a Frankfurt Listed Company, your market potential for raising capital is extensive, adequate, and gives you and your firm the best possible venues for successfully raising the required money your firm needs.

Our corporate financial advisors registered within the UK and Ireland will create your Frankfurt Listings specific firm with:

–          Articles of Incorporation

–          Company Name Registration

–          Company Registration with Company House UK

–          Resolutions accepting the listing

–          Resolutions for the issuance of shares

–          Asset and corporate merger for shares

–          SH01 Form filed

–          Special provisions which will assist in running the public company

–          Par value acceptable to the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Required Capital Equity and issuance of shares for the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Utilize the appropriate FSE Law’s and regulations

–          Prepare the ISIN

–          Register the firm (Register the company) with the Exchange

Contact FSE Listings at or call +442032867779

If you want to list your firm, please include:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email
  • Amount of Capital invested to date
  • Amount of Capital required
  • Reasons for wanting to list
  • Description of Business
  • Website if available

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