Bad Credit Loans, fast and easy money, but not as good as friends and family!

Bad Credit Loan is a loan which is generally speaking offered by more predatory lending practices or companies that make profits at the expense of your financial stability. Often Bad Credit Loan and Debt Consolidation companies help pay the unsecured debts that you are struggling with to pay on time. With the current state of the economy, bad credit loans and debt consolidation provide a method of pulling an unmanageable burden into a single payment scheme and allow the rebuilding of one’s credit. Likely you have been turned down for loans and credit. Some of these quick loan applications can come by way of securing it against your assets or house, some security is expected. These often have communities of mortgage investors. In other cases, Bad Credit Loan services might offer the loan online, an online bad credit loan, which usually gives overnight service. They are often open around the clock, but the % on the money is as high as it could legally be within your Country of origin.

Some suggest that you can build with bad credit loans. Paying back the loans can be registered and if the loans are used to pay off capital before going into default. Due to the high interest however, I am sceptical of bad credit loans. I would sooner use my ingenuity and seek capital from friends and family with similar terms. Most people don’t think about the fact that friends and family are a healthy alternative, especially if you are willing to give them the same rate and similar payment terms. I highly suggest trying to convince yourself to use a loan document such as those at or, and find the money from friends and family under the same terms. Let someone you love make the profits.

Bad credit loans and debt consolidation plans require that all payments are made on time, and this is the basis for being given the credit and being able to keep and build upon your credit. There are many predatory bad credit loan lenders. I once had a friend who was one such loan shark as we would call them for the rate and ethics of convincing people to put their financial future in their burden laden hands. With the crash of the economy, I had a discussion with him recently and he said he is no longer a Bad Credit Loan company, he is a debt collector. You don’t need another debt collector, especially one that can charge up to 60% interest legally in Canada. At least if your friends and family gave you the money, 20-40% interest would look amazing for them and a default on a payment will be treated much lighter.

A little ingenuity will go a long way when you have dealt with a bankruptcy, bills in arrears, defaulted loans, and job instability. This is the pond of despond of which the Bad Credit Loans often dwell, but look for the Hand of Help among your friends and family. Use the Universe, a Loan Document, and a story and method of repayment to try and raise the money, and yourself out of the situation. Keep making payments to whomever you borrow from, as the Friend Rating is often higher than the credit rating in priority as you will have to go back to them more than the bank.

It is vital either way, if you are going to sign a loan with someone, that you know the terms and have had an opinion on those terms. Many bad credit loan providers try to put terms by their clients without the client even knowing the full extent of the loan. They are required to disclose it, but disclosure is a tricky word, as tricky as the backhanded duplicated cross referencing self cancelling over charging multi default laden bad credit loan you can get from someone who claims to be disclosing. In actual fact they are, but you would likely not understand it. Use a loan from, understand the terms, make fair agreements with friends and family, and don’t fall into the clutches of bad credit loans. If you have to go for a bad credit loan then make sure you know exactly what you are signing.

You know my thoughts on the matter,