Loan Document: Loan Documents For Canadians

Loan Documents For Canadians

Loan Documents are under Federal Law, and therefore, a generic Loan Document as set-out at Kasu Lending,, is perfect for all Canadians. This Loan Document structure is quite simple for people to set-up loans who are either giving a loan or receiving a loan from friends or family. 

On average in Canada a loan document from your lawyer or a legal firm costs $200+ depending on their hourly rate. However, in 10 minutes you can have an agreement for roughly a quarter of that price online.

Simply choose the loan agreement that best suits your topic, a personal loan, a business loan, or a student asking friends and family for a loan of funds. Click the section, click make a loan document at the bottom, and fill in the document. You will have a loan document completed in 10 minutes.

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