Looking for Established Companies For Financing Reverse Merger Candidates

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Looking for Established Companies For Financing and Reverse Merger Candidates

We are looking for companies with minimum of $10,000,000 revenue and positive net cash flow and positive EBITDA.

Ideal candidate would be doing $20,000,000 in revenue with 20% EBITDA and 10 % net earnings. Minimum of $10,000,000, we will especially look at people looking to do a roll up in their business or industry. Financing $10,000,000 to $100,000,000 debt financing.

Audited financials makes the process easier. If you want to expand into the US and would like to do so by an acquisition and are a healthy cash flow positive company, the loan can be 3 times EBIDA, so if you have combined EBIDA of $15,000,000 a loan of $45,000,000 would not be too difficult. If you are a public company who requires the funds, if you do for example one third equity and 2/3s as debt financing, it will be easier to get the capital at 2 times.  

If you are looking at doing acquisitions within the United States, and want to expand your business into the US, we can break down the opportunity by industry and work on acquisition financing for your firm. For example, anyone doing acquisition in Manufacturing is very strong, this is a good industry. Venture capital and debt financing companies have gone from funding 1000s of companies and are going back to brick and mortar, etc. No more non-performing loans on their books. The ethics and quality of basic business is back. The quality of businesses available for financing has dramatically changed the business.

The companies we introduce your firm to are New York Stock Exchange member firms, and are looking for quality businesses with audited financials. With their assistance, we can help find the acquisition or go public platform with investment capital that is available. It is all predicated on the quality of the business you have.

We are primarily interested in US and European Markets and stock exchange listings,  but if you fit the initial criteria, please contact us.

Please make your initial contact through info@otclistings.com as a finders agreement or referral fee for responding to this advertisement will first be drafted and executed before introductions will be made.

 Are you looking to acquire companies by industry? What industry are you in?

OTC Listings: Consumer Non-Cyclical Listings and Stock Symbols

OTC Listings: Industry or Consumer Cyclical Filings

OTC Listings: Conglomerates

OTC Listings: Capital Goods Listed Companies

OTC Listings: Non-Metallic Mining Issuers  

OTC Listings: Paper and Paper Products Issuers  

OTC Listings: Misc. Fabricated Products Issuers  

OTC Listings: Metals and Mining Issuers  

OTC Listings: Iron and Steel Reporting Issuers  

OTC Listings: Gold and Silver Reporting Issuers  

OTC Listings: Forestry and Wood Products Reporting Issuers  

OTC Listings: Fabricated Plastic and Rubber Reporting Issuers

OTC Listings: Containers and Packaging Issuers

OTC Listings: Chemical – Plastics & Rubber Companies

OTC Listings: Chemical Manufacturers

OTC Listings: Basic Materials Reporting Industry Stats and Companies

Here are the industries listed and number of companies within those categories:

Reporting Companies By Industry

Industry           Number of Companies

Basic Materials
Chemical Manufacturing   182      
Chemicals – Plastics & Rubber   40      
Containers & Packaging   67      
Fabricated Plastic & Rubber   43      
Forestry & Wood Products   25      
Gold & Silver     303      
Iron & Steel     64      
Metal Mining     177      
Misc. Fabricated Products   97      
Non-Metallic Mining    57      
Paper & Paper Products   57      

Capital Goods
Aerospace & Defense      98        
Constr. & Agric. Machinery   40      
Constr. – Supplies & Fixtures   81      
Construction – Raw Materials   41      
Construction Services    189      
Misc. Capital Goods    212      
Mobile Homes & RVs    11   

Conglomerates      175     

Consumer Cyclical
Apparel/Accessories      130        
Appliance & Tool    33      
Audio & Video Equipment   48      
Auto & Truck Manufacturers   43      
Auto & Truck Parts    107      
Footwear     31      
Furniture & Fixtures    57      
Jewelry & Silverware    24      
Photography     25      
Recreational Products    145      
Textiles – Non Apparel   14      
Tires      9       

Consumer Non-Cyclical
Beverages (Alcoholic)    43        
Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)   43      
Crops      29      
Fish/Livestock    13      
Food Processing    167      
Office Supplies    24      
Personal & Household Prods.   110      
Tobacco     19       

Coal        29        
Oil & Gas – Integrated   70      
Oil & Gas Operations    466      
Oil Well Services & Equipment   160       

Consumer Financial Services   158      
Insurance (Accident & Health)   46      
Insurance (Life)    66      
Insurance (Miscellaneous)   37      
Insurance (Prop. & Casualty)   161      
Investment Services    158      
Misc. Financial Services   943      
Money Center Banks    73      
Regional Banks    684      
S&Ls/Savings Banks    379      

Biotechnology & Drugs     765        
Healthcare Facilities    244      
Major Drugs     35      
Medical Equipment & Supplies   419      

Advertising       77        
Broadcasting & Cable TV   122      
Business Services    478      
Casinos & Gaming    92      
Communications Services   514      
Hotels & Motels    56      
Motion Pictures    75      
Personal Services    66      
Printing & Publishing    98      
Printing Services    21      
Real Estate Operations   369      
Recreational Activities   93      
Rental & Leasing    72      
Restaurants     159      
Retail (Apparel)    82      
Retail (Catalog & Mail Order)   69      
Retail (Department & Discount)  41      
Retail (Drugs)    34      
Retail (Grocery)    69      
Retail (Home Improvement)   25      
Retail (Specialty)    193      
Retail (Technology)    30      
Schools      55      
Security Systems & Services   69      
Waste Management Services   106      

Communications Equipment     305        
Computer Hardware    76      
Computer Networks    93      
Computer Peripherals    110      
Computer Services    514      
Computer Storage Devices   52      
Electronic Instr. & Controls   324      
Office Equipment    31      
Scientific & Technical Instr.   189      
Semiconductors     303      
Software & Programming   848      

Air Courier       18        
Airline     53      
Misc. Transportation    51      
Railroads     29      
Trucking     61      
Water Transportation    69      

Electric Utilities      156        
Natural Gas Utilities    70      
Water Utilities    23