Go Public: Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra Listings

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra Listings

Our specialty is assisting non-EU companies for Primary Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

We are the premiere listing consultant for companies looking to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our success is based on years of experience, personal relationships, and a professional team who have been partners of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our partner firms have listed over 1500 companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, of which we have participated in.

We Are Your Frankfurt Listing Consultant

If you are interested in taking a company public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, a listing consultant needs to help you accomplish this task. FSE Listings Inc is the quickest, most affordable listing consortium, with the ability to work end to end with relationships with Frankfurt Stock Exchange designated sponsors, Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing partners, and Listing agents, Banks, and Registrars for Electronic Trading.

The team behind FSE Listings Inc have direct experience as partners of the exchange for over 12 years, we are not just a team of lawyers and accountants, we complete every step of the process at a reduced rate than if you were to try to do it yourself or use any other go public process.

Our proprietary process has allowed for primary listing of German, UK, Chinese, Indian, South African, Australia, US, Canadian, Vietnamese, Philippines, Malaysian, and many other jurisdictions assets on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Foreign Corporations making a primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange require the assistance of professionals who know how to build a company and list that company within 3-6 weeks. No other consultancy can compete.

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Go Public Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra

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