FSE Listings: Why List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (the market cap) and How To List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

FSE Listings: Why List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and How To List on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

I suppose one would first have to take a look at the success of companies we have listed and or have been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in general. Success if often defined on how much your firm is worth and can you keep that value. Frankfurt listings from one year ago when compared to other listings on the TSX and OTCBB lower boards have kept significant value due to the German investor sentiment to hold onto shares. In the TSX, broker warrants and sponsors lower drastically the value of firms within their first year from good stocks to penny stocks in our opinion. The OTC is not much different with their market maker pressure from day-one on shares listed.

However, when we look at these lists of companies listed one year ago, look at the market caps today!

Noninvasive Medical Technologies Ltd

  • Market Cap 62,185,295 Euro
  • Share Price 3.50 euro
  • Listing Date: December 23 2009

Tangibal Group Plc

  • Market Cap 12,316,004 euro
  • Share Price 4.20 euro
  • Listing Date December 17th 2009

Dineout SA Ltd

  • Market Cap 7,600,000
  • Share Price 1.90
  • Listing Date December 4th 2009

Worldlink Group PLC

  • Market Cap 35,000,000 euro
  • Listing Date December 2nd 2009

Anglo African Minerals PLC

  • Market Cap 48,674,224
  • Share Price 1.90 euro
  • Listing Date December 1 2009

Zoloto Ventures Corp

  • Market Cap 308,602,500
  • Share Price 2.05 euro
  • Listing Date November 27 2009

Primex Oil Production Inc

  • Market Cap 307,602,500 euro
  • Share Price 2.05 euro
  • Listing Date November 27 2009

MI Media Holdings Ltd

  • Market Cap 32,200,000 euro
  • Share Price 1.40 euro
  • Listing Date November 24th 2009

Agroton Public Ltd

  • Market Cap 84,240,000 euro
  • Share Price 7.02 euro
  • Listing Date November 12 2009
  • (Over 28 million shares in placement volume in euro)

Blue Planet Environmental Inc.

  • Market Cap 51,103972 euro
  • Share Price 1.40 euro
  • Listing Date November 9th 2009

Emission & Power Solutions

  • Market Cap 20,000,000
  • Share Price 1.00
  • Listing Date October 13th 2009

Moggle Inc

  • Market Cap 59,082,414 euro
  • Share Price 1.50
  • Listing Date October 7th 2009

Philand Ranch Ltd

  • Market Cap 93,224,250 euro
  • Share Price 3.75
  • Listing Date September 7th 2009
  • $100,000,000 financing signed around March of 2010

Wi-Sky Inflight Inc

  • Market Cap 75,000,000 euro
  • Share Price 7.50 euro
  • Listing Date July 31st 2009

United States Oil and Gas Corp

  • Market Cap 39,782,000
  • Share Price 1.00
  • Listing Date May 29th 2009

HepaHope Inc

  • Market Cap 118,581,995
  • Share Price 1.52 – 1.68 euro
  • Listing Date April 30th 2009

Nexis Holdings Plc

  • Market Cap 345,834,398 euro
  • Listing Date February 2nd 2009

FilmOn.com PLC

  • Market Cap 315,000,300
  • Listing Date February 12 2009

Sunseeker Energy Holding AG

  • Market Cap 1,025,675,388 euro
  • Share Price 1.55 euro
  • Listing date February 10th 2009
  • (17,484,010 euros shares in volume)

Unicom Holding AG

  • Market Cap 140,000,000 euro
  • Share Price 3.50
  • Listing Date February 5th 2009

Capital Hill PLC

  • Market Cap 87,500,000 euro
  • Share Price 1.75 Euro
  • Listing Date January 16th 2009

Many people discuss the unregulated markets in Frankfurt as a risk related market, however, from our research the market caps on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange appear to be among some of the most stable markets in the world for new venture companies and in our opinion is the best market in the world above the TSX, AIM, OTCBB, and ASX for listing your firm.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased international exposure.
  • Ability to raise equity capital in Europe and “Expand Your Market In Europe”
  • Enhanced shareholder value.
  • Increased shareholder breadth and market maker involvement for a future main board registration
  • 254 international trading institutions admitted – more than 4,600 traders in 19 countries interlinked in a virtual listing and trading world
  • Unsurpassed Liquidity
  • More than 550 Depository programs and 9,000 shares from countries around the world
  • are listed and traded on Deutsche Börse
  • In the event of building an approved EU prospectus it’s a passport onto all of the other EU markets
  • The Fastest Listing Process Worldwide
  • Lowest Fees to Market Size comparison in the World
  • Minimum reporting standards for Quotation Board companies until they have advanced to a mature entry standard level (More flexible than Sarbanes Oxley requirements in the US.)

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