FSE Listings Inc lists three companies in July on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

August 5th 2010, Franfurt, Germany, FSE Listings Inc (www.fselistings.com) has listed three companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange over the past 4 weeks. FSE Listings Inc remains ahead of any other firm in listing companies as a professional consortiumon the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Unregulated Listings. FSE Listings Inc is the only firm to their knowledge who can list a company in 3-6 weeks successfully without taking payment until after the success of the listing.

“One of the clients is in Oil and Gas Exploration, one of the companies is in Minieral exploration, and the third firm is an IT Company listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.” Says Mark Bragg, Director of Business Development. “It is our 14th client of the year for listing on a stock exchange via direct listing, it appears more companies are listing directly on the Frankfurt stock exchange than buying shells because it is quicker and cheaper to start from scratch with FSE Listings. It’s better for the market to have real companies listing the real way.” Says Bragg

Its not unusual for FSE Listings Inc to list more than one company a month, but it appears they have been getting accelerated interest in listing on the Frankfurt Exchange due to the ease of listing, access to european capital, and lower costs.

FSE Listings Inc has been operating as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Consortium since 2000, listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and US OTCBB. With several hundred firms listed within the professional consortium of Listing Partners, Lawyers, Accountants, and Partners, FSE Listings remains one of the most successful and industry relied upon professional groups.

If you are interested in listing a company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 3-6 weeks, contact info@fselistings.com.

In addition, if you are interested in becoming a partner and part of the global consortium representing FSE Listings, please contact FSE Listings at info@fselistings.com.

Current Partnership Countries:

  • Thailand Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings
  • US Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings
  • Malaysia Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings
  • Australia Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings
  • South Africa Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings
  • Canada Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings
  • Australia Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings

We are actively looking for Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listing partners within:

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