ASX Listing Services: Consider hiring a specialist to help you go public like Cygnet Capital


Cygnet Capital provides a one-stop-shop for companies wanting to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. They bring all the elements together and call on their specialist network of consultants including auditors, lawyers, compliance advisors, accountants and the like, to make the listing as smooth as possible.

During the listing process they develop fundamental themes, attract potential investors and identify the right investment strategies. Post-listing they organise reports on monthly trading activity, sector overview, market awareness, investor relations and research.

Cygnet Capital has successfully assisted many businesses to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. View their client list.

Once a company has decided to go public, Cygnet offers quality, independent advice on the three key steps of the process:

1. Preliminary discussions and analysis

  • Review the company’s current position
  • Prepare operational, financial and business plans for the period from the present to two years after proposed listing
  • Ensure systems and business focus are transparent
  • Analyse current systems, procedures and protocols
  • Identify risks and opportunities

2. Restructuring for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Consolidate financial accounts
  • Restructure the corporate/management configuration
  • Remove any personal guarantees

3. Preparing for an IPO

  • Implement all strategic changes (such as: performance measurement standards; product marketing; internal controls; employee incentives; accounting and reporting systems; strategic planning; executive compensation; investor relations)
  • Recruit key employees
  • Compose board of directors
  • Due diligence
  • Appoint a share registrar
  • Legal and accounting issues
  • Document preparation and registration
  • Advertising and public relations build up
  • Broker road show
  • Price IPO shares
  • Open the offer

Micro-caps are their specialist niche, so they bring a strong track record to your capital raising. For advice on how to make your listing work, contact their corporate team.