Will the future of green automotive industry come to South Africa and will they go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Will the future  of green automotive industry professionals in South Africa go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

China has been labelled the largest auto market in the world to come, and it seems that the necessity for mobility is growing in the developing world from India, to Africa, and Latin America. However, if the economy is requiring car sales its a far cry from being able to put one in every drive way, and not only is it not feasible it is not sustainable.

The electric car, the hydrogen car, the solar panel car, the water driven cars, etc are all the future automotive industry where the challenge will be bringing green solutions sustainably to the next generation – and after that it will be how fast we can make them.

What is the role of industry and government in ensuring sustainable transport? From a regulatory perspective it should be incentivised, in addition, investing in green transportation companies should be a tax credit, and if possible a global credit, such as the carbon credit mechanism but much more mainstream then with UN applications and local officials. Something that is what it is, a credit for investing in Green technology. Reduction is elementary, and the hydrogen element seems to be the most feasible as the Green revolution of electric cars still struggle with the mobility and lifespan of energy within a battery environment.

However, much of this work has been heavily invested in over the past decade, prior to the scale down economically. Many of these green transport companies would actually be ideal for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange who has a green index and appetite for investment in energy and carbon reducing technologies. In actual fact, the projects already would likely have a shareholder base due to the process of invention requiring the funds to begin with. Thus meeting the capital-in and shareholder requirements of listing is relatively straight forward.

In actual fact, countries like South Africa and Africa in general could benefit greatly from becoming the commercial arm of many of these ventures in Africa. It would be studious of a group even to build and capitalize a business for marketing and selling (commercializing) the GreenTech Transport technologies within Africa. Possibly this can be done by listing such as venture on the Frankfurt Stock Market.

I would have to say the best possible exchange for a Green Tech transport business to go onto right now is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange due to the interest in the field, liquidity of shares, timeframe to get listed being under 6 weeks, and the cost is under $85,000 to list.

All in all, one should consider listing their company in the Green Tech sector on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and take advantage of the market the Deutsche Group has so successfully nurtured and grown on their exchange.

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