Why the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse)

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Why the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse)

Many readers have asked why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, especially as foreign non-German companies. Many of those people are surprised to learn over 89% of the exchange is foreign listed companies, of which there is a vast network of global investors looking at new listings and new potential such as your firm. In bullet points though, the basic answers to that question include:

  • Simple and cost efficient capital market access (cheaper to list)
  • First Quotation Board, Entry Standard, General Standard and Prime Standard offer low admission and listing fees and the fastest admission process worldwide (fast to list)
  • High market integrity and transparency enhance confidence of investors (strong investors)
  • Electronic network in modern primary markets allows direct access to global investors
  • Peer group visibility and low cost of capital
  • Large and reputable peer group with listing alongside global brands (Your name beside the Majors or as a Major)
  • Selection of sector indices and unique media visibility enhance investor awareness Lowest cost of capital and positive primary market sentiment (Green Energy, Mining, Pharma, etc)
  • Strong liquidity (Be able to sell shares)
  • Integrated product portfolio facilitates hedging, trading and arbitrage strategies Low transaction costs and highest trading activity in Europe attract investors
  • Professional guidance and support
  • I-POint: various information and services supporting issuers and candidates
  • Deutsche Börse Listing Partner: financial markets experts
  • Access to 120 million investor viewers on the stock exchange website

Raise Capital, Enjoy Liquidity, Keep Costs Lower than on Any Other Exchange, such as TSX, ASX, or US Markets. Don’t hesitate to contact info@fselistings.com to see if your firm qualifies.

List within a 3-6 week period. Let us prepare documentation for you and hire the right team to complete your listing in the fastest possible time.

FSE Listings Inc is the “only firm” focused on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing process that completes all of the Requirements of the company under one Service Agreement. FSE Listings Consortium has listed companies since 1996.Specializing in UK, US, EU, Canadian, Australian, Chinese, Philippines, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, and Central American companies.

A Few More Benefits To Consider Of Listing On The Frankfurt Exchange:

  • Exit with a higher valuation
  • World’s reference market for Green Tech, Alternative Energies, Automotive, High Tech Engineering, Software, Life Science
  • Large investor base and affinity due to strong peers Valuation knowledge by industry specific analyst coverage
  • Unsurpassed liquidity enable post IPO exit opportunities
  • Most liquid international exchange (spreads, turnover velocity and zero trade ratio) No restriction on existing shareholder selling shares
  • No lock-up period required under German law
  • Flexibility of exit strategy
  • Speed of listing and transaction process
  • Anonymity of ordinary bearer shares
  • No disclosure of major holdings’ capital movements required in the Entry Standard
  • XETRA®– the electronic trading system of Deutsche Börse is a pioneer in Europe
  • 254 international trading institutions admitted – more than 4,600 traders in 19 countries interlinked in a virtual listing and trading world
  • No difference in listing and trading shares and DRs
  • Location of investors and analysts does not really matter anymore, 63 % of Investors coming from abroad
  • Accessible investor types: Sector, size and country Investors
  • Your company profile on Deutsche Börse Website www.boerse-frankfurt.com reach’s investors with over 120,000,000 page impressions a year

8 Motivations for an International Listing on Frankfurt

1. Investor Access & Valuation

Access to the largest pool of UK, US, German and other international investors. Reach to sector specific investors by our pan-European trading network XETRA®. 248 trading institutions from 18 countries are directly connected.

2. Strategic fit & top branding

Gain prestige and brand recognition by being listed alongside global market leaders such as Siemens, SAP, BASF, VW, Q-Cells, Qiagen. Strategic positioning alongside reputable peers and European M&A opportunities for entrepreneurs.

3. Sector Strength

Strong investor focus of Deutsche Börse in Automotive, Renewables, Engineering, Life Sciences, Chemicals and Software/IT. High potential for better valuation through specialized sector analysts.

4. Visibility in Europe & index inclusion

Inclusion in key indices like DAX International, MDAX, TDAX High visibility with first mover advantage for African companies in the regulated market.

5. Additional Liquidity

Most liquid capital market compared to other exchanges, confirmed by a set of official studies (WFE, TU Munich, etc.).

6. Cost attractive

Speedy process with balanced regulation for market access with fastest listing process. Lowest transaction costs and total floatation costs.

7. Speed to listing

Listing on the unregulated market as fast as 3-6 weeks. The process is efficient and easy for entrepreneurs and venture companies.

8. Leverage of the Euro Currency

Further economic studies show the rebound of the Euro currency. Speculation on currency returns could prove to be an additional increase in domestic shareholder value.

Germany is the center of Europe for listing and a powerful catalyst for your business

  • Europe’s largest economy with the largest consumer market facilitates a position within EU sales markets with 81.8 million.
  • City of Frankfurt – The Home of the €
    The leading financial centre in continental Europe
  • Euro share price and time zone offers compensation for EU employees
  • European Central Bank, BaFin and Deutsche Börse
  • No 1 Export nation worldwide
  • Strategic and large M&A potential to acquire technology and new customers/ market shares
  • A Listing delivers free marketing for your corporate development and builds a reputable partnership in the M&A scenery in Europe.

Strongest Markets For Listing

Deutsche Börse has the largest share of total capital raised in Alternative Energies, Chemicals and Software & IT among major European exchanges.

Sector Strength of Listed Companies at Deutsche Börse

+ Strong Sector Peers indicate

+ Availability of industry specific Analysts and Investors ensure

+ Sector specific Valuation Know how and Understanding

= Achieve a fair / best valuation

Strongest Sectors: (According to the Deutsche Boerse)

  • Alternative Energies & Green Tech Automobile & Suppliers
  • HighTech Engineering & Machinery
  • Life Science:
  • Biotech, Medtech, Pharma & Healthcare
  • Software & IT New Media
  • Financial Services and Retail & Consumer

Generate the most capital based on your true value: Get the attention of industry- specific analysts who exactly understand your business and market potential

The Entry Standard Listing Segment (Your Listing)

  • Minimum Paid In Capital of 500,000 euro
  • Minimum Share Price of Euro 0.10
  • EU Prospectus or Expose
  • FSE Trading Participant

Initial Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listing Package includes:

  • Initial consultation and application for the Frankfurt Stock Listing
  • Press release announcing your company’s Frankfurt Stock Exchange approval
  • Specialist setup & maintaining of the electronic Order Book on your company’s shares
  • Issuance of an ISIN number.
  • Routing and processing of bid and ask orders
  • Clearing and tracking of the electronic register
  • Real-time quotes with Worldwide access from all European financial portals (in Java)
  • Monitoring of new threads of leading Financial Community Message Boards in Europe including

Once your company is approved for trading it will enable you to increase investor awareness across the EU resulting in the ability to raise additional funds through equity sales. Contact info@fselistings.com to see if your firm or idea qualifies.

Access Several Forms of Capital

  • Equity
  • Senior Debt
  • Subordinated Debt
  • Convertible Debt
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Project Financing

Common uses of proceeds include:

  • Expansion/Growth
  • Financing Acquisitions
  • Refinancing existing debt
  • Becoming a Public Listing

Typical Required Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum
  • Articles of Association
  • Number of shares outstanding (as per incorporation documents) and par-value per share (also as per incorporation documents)
  • Certified Copies of ID’s of the directors and supporting documents (please look at appendix A)
  • Business Plan
  • Financials (Opening Balance Sheet etc)
  • Letter from Auditor with regards to paid in capital or a Solicitor who is holding the funds
  • Letter from the CEO Certifying the paid in capital and number of shareholders within the company
  • ISIN documentation completed and applied for

If you are interested in listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the experts you need to talk with are info@fselistings.com! Contact us and we will assess your company.

Keep the listing costs between 60,000 to 150,000 euro’s depending on the complexity of the project. Purchase existing companies as well to go public within a few weeks. For more information contact http://www.fselistings.com

FSE Listings Inc is the “only firm” focused on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing process that completes all of the Requirements of the company under one Service Agreement. FSE Listings Consortium has listed companies since 1996. Info@fselistings.com