What makes FSE Listings Inc leading professionals in taking firms public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

Many people ask what makes FSE Listings Inc leading professionals in taking firms public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The relationship. The preferred suppliers who we deal with and the care for the companies structure and time to market. When we say we can list a firm in 3 – 6 weeks, a great deal of care goes into the process, tracking, managing, and executing.

At the end of the day, we always get the question what is the process and what is the cost. The easier way is to simply tell you.

Firstly your firm needs to have 500,000 euro’s of paid in capital to qualify to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. However, this can now be shareholder equity. (One of the reasons why Frankfurt Shells actually are worth 125,000 to 150,000 euros) If you do not have the company incorporated yet, FSE Listings Inc, will assist in incorporating a structure of which you can take public. (UK PLCs, Irish PLCs, Spanish, Dutch, Canadian, US, Australian, BVI, Jersey, Guernsey) The structure depends on the availability of the company to register electronically or not. We prefer working with Irish and UK PLCs. The European Holding Company requires the assistance of a legal team to ensure the trading certificate is achieved, the shareholder structure is complete, the resolutions and articles make it possible to list on the Frankfurt stock exchange and disseminate shares into an electronic system such as Xetra. Once the company is registered, the 500,000 euro can be deposited into the company for shares, paid-in capital, or equivalent asset for shareholder equity. The amount can be more, this is a minimum. With the articles, incorporation certificate, and proof of par value, an application is made for the ISIN. Once this is complete, an agreement is signed with a registrar and clearing agent to allow for the shares to be electronically registered. The company’s business plan and expose are reviewed by the FSE Listings due diligence team before being passed along to the designated sponsor with certification from the CEO of the number of shareholders and capital in, certification from an auditor of the capital in component, an opening balance sheet, financials, and the required forms. Once the Sponsor has reviewed the documents, the application to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is completed with the compilation of information and electronically submitted to the Deutsche Borse. On occasion a company health check may be required by the clearing house to ensure all of this documentation has been done properly before trading. The symbol is supplied by an independent third party company. Once the application is complete it comes to the trading portion. It is important that the company work with the right professionals to assist with the deposit of the shares and tradability factor. FSE Listings makes the introductions and completes the full circle of taking a company public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In some occasions, the requirement of a third-party valuation may be required, such as in a case where we managed to secure a 500 million euro market cap for one of our clients, the incoming assets in order to justify the share price and the asset value required the third party evaluation.

Once the shares are registered and ready for trading there are a few options:

  1. Road show the company to investment groups in Germany and who are interested in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  2. Apply for an Equity Line of Credit
  3. Begin the process necessary for funding via private equity

The Exchange fee is 5000 euro per annum. Generally with a listing agent such as FSE Listings, the first annum is paid for within the fees.

The only other additional costs that companies may incur is related to the Corporate Governance of the Country they are in and not the exchange, thus legal expenses most likely are part of the process of preparing resolutions, issuances, reporting standards, and filings related to foreign requirements outside of Germany.

In total, the process can range from 3-6 weeks depending on the preparedness of the company, the structure of the firms articles and resolutions, and the assistance such as FSE Listings can provide, along this path of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. On average listing a company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange costs between 60,000 euro to 150,000 euro, depending on whether it is just listing, listing and  incorporation, listing, incorporation, and custodianship, or all of the above and a road show with financing options. The fuller the package the more expensive the process.

However the benefit of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is that you pay for a public company and process that takes a very short period of time, where as any other exchange in the world takes over 6 months, and by then your market could be changing or the opportunity decreasing. Access capital faster by going public quickly on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

What are the other benefits of listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

  • Increased international exposure.
  • Ability to raise equity capital in Europe and “Expand Your Market In Europe”
  • Enhanced shareholder value.
  • Increased shareholder breadth and market maker involvement for a future main board registration
  • 254 international trading institutions admitted – more than 4,600 traders in 19 countries interlinked in a virtual listing and trading world
  • Unsurpassed Liquidity
  • More than 550 Depository programs and 9,000 shares from countries around the world
  • are listed and traded on Deutsche Börse
  • In the event of building an approved EU prospectus it’s a passport onto all of the other EU markets
  • The Fastest Listing Process Worldwide
  • Lowest Fees to Market Size comparison in the World
  • Minimum reporting standards for Quotation Board companies until they have advanced to a mature entry standard level (More flexible than Sarbanes Oxley requirements in the US.)

If you are interested in listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange or would like a free assessment of your company’s ability to list, contact FSE Listings info@fselistings.com

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