University of Alberta Students With Loans Should Document Them

University of Alberta Students With Loans Should Document Them

Are you a student or Alumni of the University of Alberta? Did you take a student loan, have you found it difficult to pay back your student loans? Most people do, several people allow for student loans to weigh down their financial situation. It is an absolute relief when it is finally paid off. Many of my close friends have borrowed money from their friends and family to pay off their student loan. Students also take several loans during their education for tuition fees, down payment on a car, rental and food needs, and unexpected medical needs if they are taking time-off during their break.

The best thing for students in Alberta to do is document their loans with friends and family. Another idea, is to try to borrow funds from friends and family to get the “student loan” off your back. Often student loans occur because your family was not capable of helping to pay for your schooling during the time you where studying, however, times change, and they may be able to help you with the debts of your education now.

Make sure you document the loans at

Sometimes you may have borrowed funds so many times from friends and family, it feels hard to ask again. However, the chances are you never approached them with a loan document. The loan document allows for a scheduled pay-back time, can be reported to help your credit when it is paid off, and makes the family member comfortable with the terms in writing.

For all of the University of Alberta students and Alumni, consider documenting your loans today,