Twitter and OTC listed Stocks

Original Posting: June 26th, 2009

To start with has recently set-up its account and I suggest you get on twitter and follow if you are a public company or a twitter buff. I have been thinking carefully about how to utilize twitter to enhance the business and exposure of, and after discussions with key twitter experts I came to some very interesting knowledge.

1. When using twitter, and you want groups of people to follow a topic you are writing on, use the “#” to define that topic, such as #stock or #otcbb or #pinksheets and this will specifically pull your post up under that topic if searched. In addition, if the twitter groups around stocks acted as a group working together and “standardise” these exact phrases that they think the market should use, we can all follow the same string of conversation under the standard “#” phrases.


Eg. Wow the #dow is looking like it might drop a little more today, that might mean its a good time to get back in because it is not going further


#dow would help people discussing the dow jones to find this post. The same if they said, #otcbb or #otc


2. Most of the people on twitter focusing on stock market news just post post post, thats the old school discussion forum style, it doesn’t work on twitter for quality. This is in my opinion spamming the twitter market. Instead, those using twitter for the purpose of media related to stock should network with other users within this market and retweet each others news if you have an understanding and agreement with the content you retweet.  

3. Not only should you retweet the other peoples information, but choose your favourite twitter posters in the stock market and communicate with them, have conversations, and on occasion chat about the success of what they are doing. Be careful about saying bad things to each other as it is all permenant, so don’t say things you will regret.

4. Make sure all of your posts are within the law and don’t infringe upon any REG FD scenarios, unless your the company posting your Full Disclosure and a link to it for example. In some cases, companies might need to copy their twitter profile conversations into a REG FD if they feel they have said something they should not online or that the public doesn’t know. Disclosure is the key to good governance.

#Killer Ideas: I believe it would be a good idea to meet-up all the stock market media twitter accounts and discuss projects as a group. We all have different types of clients or reasons for posting, but a syndicate of information and conversation could be very powerful in doubling our individual exposure online. This can be done through quality conversations, retweeting each other at whim or a set amount per day/week/month, and in addition, every Friday, we send a message to all of our new followers to follow each other. This way, our followings grow together, we become some of the most interactive twitter users within this sector, and we stick out as the Twitter GROUP versus just a bunch of lone cow boys. If you are into using twitter for the long term, you should consider following

I follow these people:

@stocktradr; @friendlyq; @julianRG; @investorinfo; @microtrader; @tulaninvestor; @investorpress; @irandpr; @globeinvest; @Sweatinvestor; @gutherinvestor; @investment_unde; @investordiary; @swiss_investor; @interactinvest; @gorillainvestor; @astute_investor; @investorsoup; @gainvest; @visibleinvestor; @fundinvestor; @ipphoneinvestor; @stojkovic; @investorcomm; @affluentinvest; @biohealthinvest; @investortrader; @iiiuk; @valueline; @HAinvestor; @inside_investor; @cashinvestor; @sell2day; @taipaninvestor; @corporateIRtips; @ftse100_discuss; @smart_investor; @investChampion; @globeinvestor; @japaninvestor; @investorsms; @topotc; @hototcchina; @otcbbpromoter; @pinkotcmarkets; @otc_; @liveinplayotc; @otcadvisors; @otcjournal; @thestockmentor; @pennystockjockey; @pennysto; @stockbagger; @stock_market_1; @stockad; @stock_mom; @stock_news; @thatstockguy; @stockmarketchat; @elitetrading; @stock_picks; @stockdude999; @stockreads; @stockresearch; @stock_broker; @stocktips; @stockxchng; @stockchat; @_stock_market; @stockinvestmen; @stock1974; @rak_stock; @trading_stocks; @stockinvestment; @stockinsider; @stockmarket1; @stocktradr; @promotestock; @stock_tading; @stockpickernews; @toddw8888; @mikeddking; @hot_stock_picks; @stockhustler; @stock_market_; @jeiksavage; @buythisstock; @beststockpicks; @motivatedtrader; @blogstockmarket; @stocknerd; @stockquotes; @13stock; @liveinplay; @stock_market; @goldenticker; @stock; @bigmovingstock; @drstockpick; @stockretweet; @stock_mkt_club; @stockochat; @stockmarketing; @stocksecrets; @stockonews; @stockalchemist; @stockinvesting1; @stocksavvy; @tweetstocktips; @stockpreacher; @traderjoel; @thestockgeek; @stocktwaiter; @stocktraderobot; @stockhotnews; @atticmantrader; @jackangella;