Toronto Stock Exchange Stats June 2009- and TSX Listings opinion on a banner 2010!

June 2009 is 24.5% down in dollar trading value in comparison to June 2008 statistics, however, the volume is just over 25% up from June 2008. There is a market, and its starting to trade. Even in June which is typically a slower month, the markets are picking back up. Its nice also to see the value traded in June 2009 of $129,108,175,644 after May’s 2009 value of  $125,293,704,119. I remain optimistic on the TSX’s ability to turn around regardless of going into a summer of which we have just experienced the largest recession of 50 years.

TSX June 2009 Stats
TSX June 2009 Stats

What else is there to say? 

Look I think as well we are going to have a pull back sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks somewhere in the 5 to 10% range then if we could rally going into the new year it will be very good for small caps-

However, Governments have stepped in all over the world and put a stop to a financial disaster that economist nightmares are made off. At what cost? How long will it take to right those balance sheets? But who cares wallstreet is rebounding our RRSP’s are rebounding, housing prices are moving wow we are back… Right now markets are booming private equity is back for the Canadian market place.

People all over are feeling better and there are trillions of bank dollars private equity dollars venture dollars looking to make more then 2% on their money. If interest rates stay where they are like the Bank of Canada says they willl look for a big 4th quarter of investment into new public deals and a huge 2010 maybe one of the biggest ever.

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How can you go public?

Merge with a CPC, Merge with an existing listing, Merge with a NEX listed company and bring it back up to the TSX Venture, or list as an IPO.

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