The Best Way to Go Public In The World And Get Financed

The Best Way to Go Public In The World And Get Financed

The recent acquisition talks between Deutsche Boerse ( and the NYSE Euronext further supports the premise that listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the best place to list in the world, as part of the largest private equity market in the world. This merger follows that of the LSE/AIM acquisition of the TMX Group, Toronto Stock Exchange, et al.

How Can You Use This To Your Advantage

Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the least expensive listing in the world with the largest access to capital, investors, and volume with the recent acquisition. The strategy would be to list your firm through FSE Listings Inc,, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for under 100k euro. The listing would enable your firm to build a strong market capitalization and bring in investors. If the market cap expands fast enough, you could list on the AIM or elsewhere immediately, thus accessing the globe for retail investors.

What does this mean?

Your market for attracting shareholders utilizing this strategy can and would finance your firm, increase your shareholder base, and ensure the success of your public listing.

Can anyone do it?

If your firm has over 500,000 euro invested in capital or an EU prospectus, you can list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. There is only one FSE Group in the world that completes all of this process for its clients and that is FSE Listings Inc. Contact FSE Listings at to start now. Become listed in 3-6 weeks.

FSE Listings Inc guarantees the success of your listing!

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