OTCBB Listings: Are you looking for an OTCBB Shell For Sale?

Well if you are looking to buy an OTCBB company, you will likely be looking for a profile of an OTCBB company?

What does an OTCBB shell look like?


Formation:                          Nevada Corporation – incorporated in July 2006

Industry                               Entertainment

Fully Reporting:                Yes                                                                        

Offering / Registration: Form SB-2                           

Authorized Shares:         75,000,000 common shares, par value $0.001     

Warrants Out:   None /  Options Out: None         

Current Cap Structure:

Common: 9,500,000 (fully issued and diluted)

Free : 500,000

Preferred: None                             

Traded: NASD Bulletin Board

Quoted: BID / ASK           Yes (not currently applicable) 

Market Maker(s):            Yes           Wholesale: 1 / Retail: 0

Transfer Agent:                yes

Legal Opinion(s):              Yes (SB-2 and 15c211)

Dividends:                           None    

Current Fiscal Year:         Dec 31

Good Standing:                 Yes / Current                                                                    

Legal Problems:                Past: None / Present: None

Assets:                                Less than $1,000.00        

Liabilities:                            Less than $1,000.00 (forgivable)

Blue Sky Exempt:             No          Who?    N/A

Audit Current:                   Yes        

Number of Shareholders: Approximately 43

What does a company like this cost? $250,000 to $300,000 in the current down market.