OTC Listings Opinion: Big Government not going and Green back in the markets

It’s 1 pm on a Saturday and one of our loyal followers just emailed and asked when are the days going to trade green again, when are the tides going to turn, and where is the next ambitious investment going to be that makes sense. Well we can answer that the green is back momentarily, and the topic is Big Government. The Governments globally have stepped up to rebuild the temple and ensure us all that the green is coming back in the stock market and in the dollar.

Lets put this in perspective, though there is a declining US Manufacturers inventory, thay are still a very high level, that means there’s a lot of stock to meet demand, which is still weak, production is held back, and we will see weakend domestic product. There has been falling US consumer confidence, and there are fears that the economic stimulus might go away… but the answer is that it will not! Big Government sees a turn around, if interest rates remain where they are at, a higher investment is going to go back into companies from the banking sector, venture capital, and sources looking to make more than 2% in the Bank.

The global recession that has hit, has hit everyone, but there is an economy, I’ll be it smaller, but it is a market. You must get a piece of this market because this market could pick up 2010 for a year like no other… with the investment, socked away capital, and rebound from the current economic status, it is a good time to go public, its a good time to raise money, its a good time to make sales and take market share.

US retail sales have risen from the month before, the market has picked up on the OTCBB, and the US Fiscal Policy Stimulus will increase in 2010! Many people have asked me when do you put money back into the market, and I don’t doubt there will be a 5-10% pull back in the next 4-6 weeks, but who cares when we are looking at a rally for the new year and the potential of a Banner 2010!

If Governments are promising to invest, I believe them, and if the interest rate remains at these levels, I believe the money will come back into small to medium sized businesses, real estate will keep going up, and I would like to see the bulstering of the small cap stocks that interest our sector and readers. Those who over the last 6 months who have read past the bad news will benefit the most, but its still not too late to build and grow during these times. Open the store and stock the shelves when the wind of change is coming, you are a born entrepreneur, build build build America and the world markets.

Savings have risen, the tides will turn. Check the stats as rumor has it that there is more money in savings accounts as a mass right now than before.