Negative Ions in water and air a good market for baby boomers

Negative Ions in the air and in water products is a good market for the energy conscious baby boomer who is aging and requiring a boost. A primary market for alternative medicines, ionized water, air, and non-traditional remedies. As I have reviewed public companies that are popping up in the Chinese Medicine sector, and alternative energy drinks, the most intriguing of all is the most simplest water. Having stumbled across a little known Nevada Bottling and Beverage, I began to read about their fortified waters and the water in the volcanic springs of Nevada and I realized that Las Vegas has something… and its a way of life I think we should all accept.

Having just read numerous research reports on the Ionization of water, I think for healthy living we should consider not only having it in water but attempting to surround ourselves with as many Negative Ions as possible, that literraly wrestle to the group polutants in the air and body.

Here are a few quick tips to live better with Negative Ions:

Natural negative ions can have many health benefits, like:

  • enhance the immune system
  • increase alertness
  • increase work productivity and concentration
  • reduce susceptibility to colds and flu
  • relief from sinus, migraine headaches, allergies and hay fever
  • reduce the severity of asthma attacks
  • increase lung capacity
  • stabilize alpha rhythms (a pattern of smooth, regular electrical oscillations in the human brain.  These normally occur when a person is awake and relaxed. The machine used to record these waves is called an electroencephalograph , or EEG .  Alpha Rhythms have a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz. Also called alpha wave)

It has been discovered that the dispersion of water from waterfalls, water waves, or water evaporation from plants, create thousands of hydrogen ions by splitting water molecules. The negative electrons join up with other free positive electrons in the air neutralizing their electrical charge.

Do you feel tired or depressed? Here are some tips on how negative ions may help you cure depression and fatigue syndrome:

  • Don’t live or work in a space with no fresh air unless the air conditioning system contains an ion generator.
  • Take frequent breaks in fresh air, when you cannot open the window!
  • Place an indoor waterfall or a salt lamp in your office or home.
  • Enroll to a water exercise program or just go to the closest swimming pool.
  • Go for a weekend vacation: Weekend Travel Packages
  • Take a relaxing spa vacation or a cruise vacation