OTC Listings: If you are considering going public, you should be subscribed to Edgar Online

There are many reasons for subscribing to Edgar Online, but if you are going public we believe it is a vital key.

#1. You can gain competitive knowledge by searching companies in your industry and reading their filings

#2. The format of the S-1 filing and different offerings that have already been accepted by the SEC and FINRA are clear and available within the system

#3. It is the single best source of all public information in our opinion, for personal sources of information on interests, research on potential clients who may also be public, potential partners and buy-out opportunities, and tracking of topics of interest

#4. Your firm will eventually be within the system, it is a good source for reading your own filings and managing what is being communicated in the market. Becoming familiar with the platform is a positive.

#5. By reading the filings, especially regarding financings and IPOs, one can get a good idea of who is raising capital in the market. This could be used for targetting potential financing for your business. Especially if you would like to use examples of large amounts of funds being raised by competitors with other venture capital firms, at least this would validate your business to potential investment firms. In addition, you can look at their model and development as a MODEL for your business.

Competitive and constructive information is the key to success in general for business developers, if you are interested in going public or are interested in using competitive information to your advantage, we can make a report for you similar to the 5 top uses above. Contact info@otclistings.com