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“The Bait Ball”

By Llew Watkins – Watkins WorldWide, LLC

One of my favorite TV shows are those National Geographic type Documentaries. And the other day one came one about prey fish in the ocean that protect themselves from predators by schooling into a giant “Bait Ball”. A tactic to create a giant group entity, larger than each individual fish to intimidate the predator fish surrounding them.

At first, it looked like a chaotic mass of confusion, without any form or function. But eventually, I realized this instinctual response to a threat, was actually born over millenniums of evolution and created out of a simple need to cooperate for survival.

And more important, I began to see that this strategy was a coordinated into a single effort communicated to each fish through ultra fast telegraphed and received vibrations, giving them the ability to move in tandem, to move away from any threat from any direction, and not just a spasm of the now.

A simple yet effective natural response to change in the everyday life, helping them swim safely thorough the life aquatic.

We often swim alone though the shark infested waters of the business life, but can we learn to become more effective together, and become a larger more successful as a collective? or as a single entity?

I am a believer in the Bait Ball strategy when it comes to the success of independent entrepreneurs, looking to bring their individual talents and services to the public market through reverse merger, IPO, or independent listing. ( OTCBB, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Etc. )

The more friends you have, the larger the network of supporters of your plans, and the less likely your public company will be taken by a shark and will be able to be part of the early warning system when things things such as market fluctuations, regulatory rule changes, and anything that may affect your business, you will know about it before your competition does.

Let Watkins WorldWide, LLC help you grow your “Bait Ball”, the larger the stronger, your business presence will be and the less likely you will get eaten.

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