Document Your Loans

How often do you lend money to your company? How often do you lend money to a friend or family member? How often do you lend money to an entrepreneur? How often do you borrow money?

Borrowing money and lending funds is a phenomina that would baffle banks in size and volume. Only 54% of loans that go undocumented get paid back, this is why I took the time to look on the internet and find the best tool for building a personal loan. As I scanned the internet, I found that there were two providers I liked. In the USA there is a firm called which I thought was a good place to start for Americans, and in Canada there is a firm called Kasu I found interesting, because although they only launched within the last month, they appear to have several new blogs which provide information on building loans. I believe that the company will develop the social media and Crowd Funding side of the business, which is exciting for these privately held companies.

Some of those blogs include:

We believe the loans, micro loans, documentation, and social lending markets to be one of the new hot markets to watch in both the private and public markets. If you are looking to go public as a method of raising funds and securing your loans, then contact to talk to one of the professional service providers that can help you.