Corporate Finance World 2009 Sydney Australia November 10-11th 2009

Identify leading CFO strategies to manage the balance sheet, solvency & financial capability in uncertain times
Funding the balance sheet has become the number one most important issue facing Australian companies. With draw down facilities maxed out, tightening credit markets, falling revenues and asset values, there is a need for companies to explore alternative channels to raise capital. However, this is an unprecedented situation and most have little knowledge or relationships to raise capital in this climate.
For delegates
Terrapinn’s Corporate Finance World 2009 is the first and only event in the region where CFOs & Treasurers meet to identify best practice finance and debt restructuring solutions from traditional and non-traditional sources of capital.

This conference has been specifically designed to discuss the key issues that are shaping Australia’s corporate environment including; the impact of the credit crunch on balance sheet management, the most accessible and cost effective sources of capital, refinancing and restructuring, risk management and cost management.

Event at a glance

Pre-conference workshop Monday 9th November
Financial modeling for project finance

Main Conference Day Tuesday 10th November

  • Economic and credit market outlook
  • Impact of the credit crunch on leading Australian corporates
  • Identifying & accessing sources of corporate credit
  • Managing the dislocation of capital markets
  • Refinancing debt in the absence of functioning apital markets
  • Corporate finance risk management
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Post-conference workshop Wednesday 11th November