Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Land Development Project to Go Public

Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Land Development Project to Go Public

Land development companies, Real Estate Trust Corporations, and property investment firms have been listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in one form or the other globally for years. Our firm has listed Asian property development firms, and have noticed an remarkable increase in property development firms looking to go public on a stock exchange.

Many of the companies have contacted us to help them create and file a Real Estate Trust company such as a REIT offering within the US. The reality is that we can do this, however, this process can take as long as listing a US Public company which is inevitably 8-12 months.

If the property development, land development, or resort development project requires going public to close investment interested in a project, they need to go public and list quickly, as quick as possible to keep the investor interested. From our experience, traditional structures are long term focuses, development companies need to go public now, in 3-6 weeks of having a soft commitment from an investor or you will lose that investor to someone else’s projects or even build a competitor unwillingly.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, time is of the essence nature of investors, and position of your firm as an entrepreneur, the fast way to go public so that you can accept the funds from the new investors is to go public on the Frankfurt Stock exchange. Listing on the FSE takes about 3-6 weeks, the only company who can achieve this that we have found is FSE Listings Inc. We can show dates of incorporation and the date of listing, all of them under 6 weeks.

The other benefit of listing on the Frankfurt is that the market cap almost always reflects the value of the assets based on developed and potential developed values with the meeting the requirement of the initial paid in capital. Thus the high market cap and tightly held company allows for a physical and electronically tradeable and liquid representation of your firm for attracting and keeping the investors you wish to close today.

List your company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and you could be the company that attracts investment to your project versus that investment going to someone else… in 3-6 weeks.

Go Public with FSE Listings Inc, if you are considering going public at all… The reality is just contacting them and having the Listing Agents walk you through the costs and process is invaluable for making your decision. Having the ability to contact veterans of 10=15 years in the business to give you advice before listing is a great way to start making the right choice.

Contact today, if you have a good experience, make sure you post something back here.

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