Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Canadian Pharmaceutical Company to Go Public

Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Canadian Pharmaceutical Company to Go Public

Pharmaceutical companies go through several stages of financing and grants to get to a stage of becoming the next Pfizer or La Roche. The reality is that at each and every stage these companies have to consider staying private or going public to fund themselves to the next level. Often venture capitalists and funds will only deal with the Pharma company if they co-ordinate the IPO, perform the listing, or have a registration for immediate liquidity.

The reality is that the Frankfurt Stock Exchange enables listing a company on an RRSP eligible exchange, the 3rd largest exchange group in the world, Deutsche Group, and allows you to close the investors you need to get with a public vehicle in 3-6 weeks.

Pharma companies from the UK, India, the US, and other such well developed markets have been hitting it out of the ball park in Frankfurt for several years, Mainly as dual listings, but the appetite from these firms has created a market for smallcap firms that are still in the developing stages or early stage commercialization.

Pharmaceutical companies are ideal because the very nature of the companies almost always meet the requirements of capital paid in by way of investment and the number of shareholders. A company or project within this field often has foundations, universities, corporate, VC, and individual interests.

In every Pharmaceutical project there are always to deal people with the funds to take the company public, however, the process and time to market is often what deters them from listing their firms immediately. Most of these deal makers however are used to US, AIM, and Canadian markets, but have not experienced Frankfurt Primary listings accept for dual listing of firms for liquidity. Its an interesting thought that many firms for years dual listed on the Frankfurt to get liquidity due to the large European investor base who favour and like foreign listed companies on their exchange. Why more and more of those companies didn’t list as a primary listing initially is actually a puzzle, most to do with patriotism and circle of knowledge. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is actually a great exchange to list in as it has liquidity built into the Xetra based trading platform which basically guarantees constant trading of shares with the market makers. In addition, the cost for the companies to list is under $100,000 which is unheard of in Canada or any other market.

The only firm we know of who can list a firm in 3-6 weeks is FSE Listings Inc, a firm that has been performing listings as consortium of professionals since 2000. With 3 firms listed within the last month, it is currently one of the fastest and leading listing agencies for the Frankfurt market.

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