Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Canadian Green Technology Company to Go Public

Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Your Canadian Green Technology Company to Go Public

Canadian’s are among the leaders in technology. I recall in 2004 going to a panel in Vancouver BC on Alternative Energy, Solar Energy, and Hydrogen fuel cells hosted by the BC Technology Industries Association. The ideas where mind blowing, the accomplishments and proto-types where even better. From BlueWave technologies harnessing tidal and underwater currents, solar panels such as those of Day4Energy run by John Macdonald of Macdonald Detweiller, Quest, Ballard Power, Rail Power, and Lightyear Energy with David Rendina, and other such leaders within their fields and innovators of their time.

All of them came to the same conclusion, Green Power and Green technology takes a lot of money to put into place and still has a long way to go. Luckily for Canadian companies, Frankfurt Stock Exchange listings are RRSP eligible for their fellow Canadians and investors in their current projects, and it only takes 3-6 weeks for listing a Canadian Power or Green Energy company on the exchange. There is actually now an index within the Deutsche Borse that is the Green Index encouraging investment into companies listed as Green Tech on the exchange. UK, India, US, Australian, Canadian, and other EU countries have been taking advantage of this new Green Technology Index and the appetite that Frankfurt has created for these types of SmallCap companies on their exchange.

Frankfurt is now the largest GreenTech Index in Europe and one of if not the largest in the world for their pioneering and marketing of such an Index.

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