ASX Listings: Consider renumeration when taking your company public on the ASX

Today, we are profiling a company based on the information and track records available on them within the Australian Market, Owen Thomas and Associates PTY Limited.

Owen Thomas & Associates Pty Limited (OTA) is an independent specialist remuneration consulting company providing services to companies operating within Australia.

OTA provides services in executive remuneration assessment and in the design and implementation of employee option plans, employee share plans and employee loan plans.

OTA consultants have extensive executive remuneration experience and a proven track record in employee share plan design and the implementation of successful equity plans across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States.

Executive Remuneration

What is an appropriate remuneration level?

Executive Long-Term and Short-Term Incentives

Executive incentive plans that add real value to your organisation.

Employee Share Plans

Employee owners are more motivated workers.

Valuation of Employee Options and Other

Independence and the latest valuation techniques.

Subsidiaries of Overseas Companies

Employee share ownership benefits and Australian income taxation concessions without the need for parent involvement.

Proprietary Limited Companies

Meaningful equity participation without ownership or prospectus issues.

Initial Public Offering / Australian Securities Exchange Listing

Preparing for IPO on the ASX, get your remuneration reviewed and equity incentives implemented.


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