Andrea Electronics ANDR impressive News and Market Reaction by Ryan Gibson

Originally Posted July 1st, 2009

Andrea Electronics trades up 242% with volume of 2.3 million including double prints etc, but it was a great result of their recent press release. ( The release discussed the increase in quality of their sound and OEM with HP, which for those who understand the VOIP and PC marketplace, this is a huge advantage. Back in 2001 I was heavily involved with VOIP start-up companies and tested all the different headsets and software in the market, plantronics, cybtronics, Andrea Electronics, etc. Andrea Electronics was a major player in the market for their cheap price and decent quality. However, Plantronics and some of the other providers had an advantage in the quality of the software and headset sound with little to no recoil or echo ever presented no matter the PC. The staff and team treated our company amazing for a small provider who only purchased 100 headsets at a time. We often held competitions to give away free headsets for co-marketing their brand. I became impressed with Andrea Electronics then, and now their new developments continue to make me a strong supporter of ANDR.OB. ANDR has gone almost a year with a dwindling stock price until today, in which it was one of the OTCBB highest volume traders and gains combination. Most would say a jump from 4 cents to 12 cents is not that significant after a mediocre year, but the press release explains a story that only people within the industry and market would understand.

1. The increase in quality has won them continued use with certain HP notebooks and PCs, this implies that the quality is enough for the major PC suppliers to pay attention. HP PC sales are still decent, and this presents a good story

2. Quality in general means that more people like myself will be blogging about and endorsing Andrea Electronics, of which, I don’t doubt they will win awards for the improvements they make to their product

3. They have a decent shareholder base who watches their news and reacts, as seen today, which means the people invested in the company understand the market and support positive news, of which there appears to be more to come

4. Long term contracts to supply vendors like HP could lead to buy-out opportunities

5. The scope of the quality matters across all industries they provide services to, this means that they could become a preferred supplier not just to PC manufacturers, but cell phones, telephones, etc. They are a developer and supplier of Active Noise Cancellation Microphone Headsets, USB Headsets, Telephone Headsets, Headphones, PC Microphones, USB Audio Adapters, Audio Input Microphone Noise Reduction Software, Echo Cancellation Software and Digital Array Microphones that improve the performance and provide ease of use for applications such as: Computer Command, Control and Continuous Speech Recognition, Voice Over The Internet (VoIP), PC Audio and Video Conferencing as well as for Imbedded Mobile Devices.

I couldn’t speculate the gains from a market perspective when discussing the stock, but I do believe in the company and today’s performance has brought my support and attention back onto this sleeper .  For further updates go to or contact

Guest Writer:

Ryan Anthony Gibson, VOIP Market Expert

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