FSE Listings: Go Public and list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange before it’s too difficult and too long!

FSE Listings: Go Public and list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange before it’s too difficult and too long!

The regulations within the Frankfurt Stock Exchange over the past several years have allowed for firms to deal directly through listing agents to list their UK and foreign companies as a primary listing and secondary listing. In 2004, the FSE lobbied to have the rules changed to abolish dual listing on the unregulated market. Thus foreign issuers were only capable of listing a primary listing.

Current changes are under discussion that will put an additional layer in listing on the unregulated market by adding the requirement of a position that acts like a Financial Advisor, which is what, is required to list on the Plus Markets. Foreign issuers and issuers looking to list on the unregulated market could therefore be looking at a review from an advisor prior to going to the listing agent. Thus the fees are expected to increase.

This means that anyone who has been thinking of listing a company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange should do so now!

It is expected that this fee with ongoing advisory services could be much higher.

A Frankfurt Stock Exchange Shell sells from 120k euro to 150k euro. It is expected that the value of the companies will drastically increase with the credibility of the unregulated market advisory process which is no doubt being put in place to mirror some of the UK principals. Companies could therefore sell for 300k euro to 400k euro like the OTCBB shells do.

However, unlike OTCBB companies, it only takes 3-6 weeks to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange now. With the new advisory coming on board, there are expected delays. You should take advantage of building a Frankfurt Stock Exchange company today!

The advantage of the FSE is that it is the third largest market group in the world, the volume and liquidity surpasses other European exchanges, and over 80% of the listings are foreign companies. SEO and IPO listings of companies in resources, technology, alternative energy, and manufacturing is well into the billions. Relatively new companies can expect to raise 1-10 million euro post listing with a proper IR budget and Banking buy in.

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