ASX Listings: Summary of ASX IPO’s and 2008/9 Report

ASX IPO’s and 2008/9 Report

– In the 2008/09 financial year ASX listed companies raised a record $88 billion in subsequent equity issues. So far in CY09 Australia is the third most active capital market in the world by value of equity issuance, highlighting the importance of an efficient capital raising framework.” 

– Primary market issuance, as a percentage of market capitalisation is at the highest level in over a decade.

– Some 560 companies issued shares in a private placement. Approximately, one quarter of those also offered retail shareholders a chance to subscribe for securities in a Share Purchase Plan (SPP).

– Following the changes ANZ successfully executed the largest ever SPP by raising $2.2 billion from existing retail shareholders. In other capital management initiatives, share buy-backs were cut dramatically and totalled only $2 billion.

ASX Capital Raising FY09 ($B) FY08 ($B)
IPOs 1.9 11.0
Rights Issues 28.5 12.4
Placements and SPPs 42.0 22.2
DRPs 15.0 11.6
Calls 0.1 0.2
Options 0.3 0.4
Prospectus 0.4 0.3
Staff share plans 1.8 3.4
Total Raisings 90.0 61.6
Other Capital Changes    
Share Repurchases -2.0 -5.7