Don’t Buy Canadian Listed Shell Firms On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Unless They Are Reporting!

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Don’t Buy Canadian Listed Shell Firms On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Unless They Are Reporting!

I don’t know why this keeps going onto deaf ears, or why people keep buying Canadian incorporated firms listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Canadian shells traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are a waste of money if you are looking to buy a shell in our opinon, it is one of the reasons Canadian shell prices are lower than European shell prices. The reason for this is that:

–          There is a higher reporting cost, as you have to report to the local commission and SEDAR as a publicly traded company. (If you do not, you are breaking securities regulations according to several popular interpretations of the Law.)

–          Any sale of shares to third parties (that would have a holding period in Canada) that lead to a series of transactions (You sell to Bob, Bob sells to 10 people) is a veiled distribution and considered the distribution of securities without a prospectus, registration, etc. In short term means securities Fraud. This is regardless of whether the shares are sold in Canada or abroad, it’s source is Canadian.

–          Don’t just use any law firm to get advice, use the Canadian best securities firms, such as Clark Wilson and Stikeman Elliot. Most of the firms are bonafied escrow agents and contract law lawyers, and their advice will likely send you into a commission hearing if you make a mistake. Use real firms, get real opinions!

–          Go to a real law firm and ask, “I am a Canadian private company, what obligations do I have to report now that I am listed on the Frankfurt Exchange, to which commission and to which reporting environment do I report my shareholders, sale of shares, and documents. That you understand that all OTCBB companies now have to report in Canada, how does this apply to Frankfurt. Is all the stock free trading? Or are their other rules for restricting it. How can you sell shares, how can you raise money?” Be honest and forthcoming, and explain the financing options offered to your firm. What may work in the UK, US, and Germany for transaction processes most likely DO NOT WORK IN CANADA! Check it out first.

The best advice I can give you if you have a Canadian company publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is:

  • File with SEDAR
  • File with the local securities commission
  • File a prospectus in Canada or the jurisdiction Canadian securities are being sold into at least or both

There is no question that there are many Canadian listed firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, as you can see from the list at the end of this blog, however, half of the providers who build them are just looking for quick fees for listing and don’t use quality lawyers or ask the advice of the local securities commissions. Be Smarter!

If you are looking for a public company, a UK PLC is your best bet, one built with the UK markets in mind. If you are looking for a publicly listed company for sale, contact… And whatever you do, don’t buy anybody elses without first talking with us.

Over 80 Canadian companies have been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since the beginning of 2010, over 100 since 2005. Here is a list of those companies:

Wall Street Equities Ltd.
Protech Technology Inc.
Clean Bioenergy Inc.
Tsunami Bioreactor Company Ltd.
Cre8ive Earth Remediation Technologies Inc.
Femin Inc.
Awesome Investments Inc.
Eldora Gold Resources Ltd.
Underseas Research & Recovery Ltd.
Philipines Recycling Co.Ltd.
Stethuscope International Inc.
Nitro Capital Partners Inc.
Global Earth Products Inc.
Natural Spring Resources Inc.
Formula Resources Inc.
Zebra Resources Inc.
The Free Gas Guys Inc.
Mercantil Financial Services Ltd.
Hutchison Minerals Co. Ltd.
First Newgate Petroleum Resources Co. Ltd.
WMX Group Inc.
Curaxis Pharmaceutical Corp.
MRE Resources Inc.
Integral Bioenergies Systems Corp.
Blue Cap Resources Inc.
Texas Petroleum Inc.
Dia Dental Aesthetics International Inc.
Bentley Fairview Resources Co. Ltd.
Crestwood Point Gas & Oil Co. Ltd.
AU Minera Corp.
Voice 1 direct Ltd.
House of Cool International Inc.
Grandall Solutions Inc.
Sahara Petroleum Exploration Corp.
Biosphere Development Corp.
Local View Marketing Inc.
Solerex Water Technologies Co.Ltd.,
Pembleton Minerals & Metallugical Co.Ltd.
Ticker Communications Inc.
Guardians of Gold Inc.
Gulf Projects PLC
Phone Cash Mobile Payment Inc.
Black Hawk Petroleum Inc.
Struans Holdings Corp.
SM Prime Holdings Co.Ltd
San Miguel Geothermal Power Co.Ltd.
Black Dragon Resources Ltd.,
Knowledge Capital Ltd.
True Green Energy Group Corp.
Lucky Punch Inc.
Mind Solutions Inc.
Nanotech Systems Inc.
Greenworld Wind Power Co. Ltd.
First Pacific Oil & Gas Corp
RTN Stealth Software Inc.
Advanced Envirotec Corp.
Aphex BioCleanse Systems Corp.
Purum Gold Inc.
Global Crown Solar Power Co.Ltd.
Southeast Asia Renewable Power Company Ltd.
Alumifuel Power International Inc.
Firmitas Capital Inc.
Viridis Technologies Inc.
Acropolis Finance Inc.
HessGen Canada Inc.
iVegas Gaming Ltd.
Brac Systems Inc.
Big Rock Resources Inc.
Dynamic Systems Holdings Inc.
Viridax Corp.
President Corporate Group Inc.
North Thunder Bay Mining Co. Ltd.
Prairie West Oil & Gas Ltd
Greencell Technologies Inc.
Texcan Capital Inc.
Telecorp Inc.
West African Gold Resources Mining Inc.
Advance Media Group Inc.
Eurotex Finanz Inc.
Hail First Pharma Inc.
Primex Oil Production Inc.
Blue Planet Environmental Inc.
Speed Fry Corporation
Hollywood Classics Network Inc.
Focused Money Solutions S.A.
Hilbroy Advisory Inc.
Meditor Pharmaceuticals [North American] Ltd.
A25 Gold Producers Corp.
Pet-Core International Inc.
FluidForm Corp.
ECO Recovery Corp.
SolTerra Capital Corp.
Blue Sky Resorts Inc.
RCT Global Networks Inc.
Bevinco Corp.
Dixon, Perot & Champion Inc.
CleanAirTek Holdings Inc.
Emerging Products Development Group Inc.
Hunter Thompson Chemical Inc.
Indenture Investments Ltd.
Nirek Resources Inc.
MSR Technologies Inc.
Dahava Resources Ltd.
Autoworks International Ltd.

Before you acquire any company which is a shell, contact us for verification as to whether it is reporting or not. Take a lawyers opinion from one of the top three firms, the people who know what is really going on and in effect assist in new laws or current interpretations of Law. In active lawyers are great for escrow, but the mandatory amount of time they need to spend per annum specifically catching up on securities law is rarely enough to cover these concerns I share in my opinion above. This is an option.