FSE Listings Inc Targets The United States (USA) for Listing Companies

FSE Listings Inc has decided to target the US market for listing companies as an alternative to the NASDAQ OTCBB listings, Pinksheets, OTCQX, SmallCap, and NYSE by introducing Companies to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


PRLog (Press Release)Sep 14, 2010 – FSE Listings Inc Targets The United States (USA) for Listing Companies

FSE Listings Inc has decided to target the US market for listing companies as an alternative to the NASDAQ OTCBB listings, Pinksheets listings, OTCQX Listings, SmallCap Listings, NYSE Listings, and the reporting requirements of the US by introducing US Companies to an alternative exchange to go public onto, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As part of FSE Listings Inc recent acquisition of GoPublic Network domains, the US market has been launched as http://www.gopublicunitedstates.com

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange – Deutsche Boerse, is reported as the 3rd largest stock exchange group in the world. With over 7000 securities listed and over 77,000 securities in the history of the exchange, the issuance easily rivals the NASDAQ OTCBB. As regulations for OTC Listings on the rise, it has become more difficult for companies to file S1’s, file 15c 211s, attract US market makers, gain a symbol from FINRA, or even to get their shares DTC eligible. The stages of regulatory scrutiny have caused companies in the US to take a minimum of 8-12 months to list on average from their first filing.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange offers an alternative, by allowing companies to list within a 3-6 week period but the firm is required to meet a paid-in capital component. By incorporating a European Holding Company for the US firm, FSE Listings Inc is able to by-pass the need to issue shares through DTC which is for US issuers only, and allow the firm to float the holding company within the European Union. Once the prospectus document or expose is filed within the EU, the firm is compliant across the regulatory environment of Europe and can begin raising funds and selling shares to European Investors, Institutions, and Funds.

The OTC Listing market has been delisting several firms who cannot afford the economic constraints of maintaining a reporting entity. In Frankfurt, the annual cost of running the firm is only 5,000 euro in fees and management prepared financial statements unaudited, but reviewed by a professional accountant.

For the American investing public, the Frankfurt Listed companies are 100% free trading, and therefore, the holding periods do not exist that do within the US regulatory environment.  This in itself removes much of the cost of further registration statements for purposes of financing and the onerous unknown task of clearing shares with the Broker Dealers within the US.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has a very liberal view of capital markets that enable and stimulate small to medium sized companies to assist the greater good who list on their markets. Such an environment is a great starting point for a new company or one seeking financing. Frankfurt listed companies can dual list back into the US or other markets, especially once the capital has been raised within the company.

The fact that it takes 3-6 weeks to list a company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the proper documentation and requirements, the exchange is months if not years ahead of US markets. Companies who have time sensitive opportunities can’t wait 12 months to list their company, they need to list this quarter and the Frankfurt market offers this.

The Time To List On The Frankfurt Stock Exchange Is Now

Deutsche Börse themselves who recently published the IPO indicator for the 3rd quarter of 2010 mid-August made assumptions from the indicator that volatility is going back down, in connection with rising share prices in IPOs, were it appears the environment for IPOs is improving, and the time to enter the capital markets to access capital is now.

The IPO indicator, which is published each quarter, is an important measuring instrument for companies seeking capital that aim to go public and that are looking for the right moment to enter the capital market. The indicator is compiled from surveys of market participants and calculations by the Technical University in Munich using Deutsche Börse trading data.

“If you take a closer look at the results of the survey, the fact that issuer sentiment has improved much more than that of other market participants particularly stands out. This development is primarily due to the upward movement in the valuation level. That, in conjunction with falling volatility could form a good basis for increasing issuance momentum,” said Professor Christoph Kaserer from the Technical University in Munich.

If you are a US firm looking to go public or have been trying to list on the OTC, NASDAQ, OTCQX, or any other market, the best way to go for speed and access to a public market is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Contact info@fselistings.com today or visit http://www.gopublicunitedstates.com

FSE Listings Inc has been operating as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings Consortium since 2000, listing companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and US OTCBB. With several hundred firms listed within the professional consortium of Listing Partners, Lawyers, Accountants, and Partners, FSE Listings remains one of the most successful and industry relied upon professional groups.

If you are interested in listing a company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 3-6 weeks, contact info@fselistings.com.

In addition, if you are interested in becoming a partner and part of the global consortium representing FSE Listings, please contact FSE Listings at info@fselistings.com.

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