OTC Listings: What did October 2009 look like for OTCBB Listings, +156.66% up in share volume from 2008 and over $2 billion in dollar volume

That is right, the OTCBB is trading again, and its trading great. Over $2,186,263,680 in dollar volume and 45,814,916,697 share volume in trade. The market is up a roughly 150% margin for these indicators in a year. This is good news for companies who want to go public on the OTC BB or who are considering going public. The market statistics speak for themselves as far as a turnaround goes. Burgeoning new companies entering the market of the OTC BB, current OTC listed companies trading volume again allowing them to have a market, and deals are being made. Read the statistics and the information, and let us know, are you ready to take your company public? Please send us your responses either yes or no, as we would like to know what companies are thinking in this market.

The OTCBB Recovers in 1 year, the market is getting a move up and moving on:

Although the dollar volumes have been less in October 2009 for OTCBB stocks traded than September 2009, the volume is there and so is the market.

October 2009

Securities 3,413
Market Makers (MM) 151
Positions 23,966
MM per Security 7.02
Share Volume 45,814,916,697
Dollar Volume $2,186,263,680
General Statistics
October 2009 October 2008 % Change
Securities (Avg Daily) 3,413 3,746 -8.89%
Quote Updates (Avg Daily) 1 1 0%
Market Makers (Avg Daily) 151 193 -21.76%
MM per Security (Avg Daily) 7.02 10.17 -30.97%
Total Positions (Avg Daily) 23,966 38,115 -37.12%
Total Share Volume 45,814,916,697 17,850,370,171 +156.66%
Total Dollar Volume $2,186,263,680 $876,187,823 +149.52%
Total Transactions 926,725 427,120 +116.97%

I have noticed a decrease in market makers in the OTCBB market, but possibly some of this has to do with the correction in the market affecting the less healthy market markers and of course regulatory bodies such as FINRA have been doing a very good job at removing market makers from the market who do not belong.

With this in mind, going public on the OTCBB has less options for persons to file with as well, the market maker is a key participant in filing the 15c211.

If you are looking to go public, or are looking at options, contact us at info@otclistings.com and we will direct you to some o the best resources on the OTC market.

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