Incorporation Service for UK PLC companies listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Are you looking to form a UK PLC, do you currently or eventually want to take your firm public and raise capital? Than you should consider using the Incorporation Services of FSE Listings Inc for building a company ready for a Frankfurt Listing which includes:

–          Articles of Incorporation

–          Company Name Registration

–          Company Registration with Company House UK

–          Resolutions accepting the listing

–          Resolutions for the issuance of shares

–          Asset and corporate merger for shares

–          SH01 Form filed

–          Special provisions which will assist in running the public company

–          Par value acceptable to the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Required Capital Equity and issuance of shares for the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Utilize the appropriate FSE Law’s and regulations

–          Prepare the ISIN

–          Register the firm (Register the company) with the Exchange

With all of the documentation prepared, your firm can list within 10 -15 days!

Contact FSE Listings at or call +442032867779

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