Incorporating a Business within the UK for Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Incorporating a business within the UK for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange requires knowledge of the exchange and the Companies Act of the UK. Not just any person can build a firm for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Frankfurt Listings by FSE Listings includes all of the key components required for both the exchange and Companies House, in addition, every company comes with the due diligence required for the registrar to accept the firm as a client, and to complete the electronic trading eligibility of the firms shares. Included within the incorporating of the UK Business for listing is:

–          Articles of Incorporation

–          Company Name Registration

–          Company Registration with Company House UK

–          Resolutions accepting the listing

–          Resolutions for the issuance of shares

–          Asset and corporate merger for shares

–          SH01 Form filed

–          Special provisions which will assist in running the public company

–          Par value acceptable to the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Required Capital Equity and issuance of shares for the Frankfurt Exchange

–          Utilize the appropriate FSE Law’s and regulations

–          Prepare the ISIN

–          Register the firm (Register the company) with the Exchange

With all of the documentation prepared, your firm can list within 10 -15 days!

Contact FSE Listings at or call +442032867779

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