Rainpure Water PLC

Equity, ISIN GB00B3XR0643, WKN A1C6XA, 9RW

UK Firm Rainpure Water PLC with ISIN GB00B3XR0643symbol 9RW Listed On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – UK Firms Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Rainpure Water PLC with ISIN GB00B3XR0643symbol 9RW is among the list of new Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings.

Rainpure Water PLC with ISIN GB00B3XR0643symbol 9RW listed on October 29th 2010.

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  • Enhanced shareholder value.
  • Increased shareholder breadth and market maker involvement for a future main board registration
  • 254 international trading institutions admitted – more than 4,600 traders in 19 countries interlinked in a virtual listing and trading world
  • Unsurpassed Liquidity
  • More than 550 Depository programs and 9,000 shares from countries around the world
  • are listed and traded on Deutsche Börse
  • In the event of building an approved EU prospectus it’s a passport onto all of the other EU markets
  • The Fastest Listing Process Worldwide
  • Lowest Fees to Market Size comparison in the World
  • Minimum reporting standards for Quotation Board companies until they have advanced to a mature entry standard level (More flexible than Sarbanes Oxley requirements in the US.)

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