Choosing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Raising Capital for your Canadian Company and Assets by Going Public

“Canadian companies have been listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for over a decade via dual listings and primary listings” says Charles Van Musscher.

Since 2000 several 100 firms have come through our FSE Listing consortium, especially associated with Aspen Agency, FSE Listings, and various other partners within the consortium. The most successful companies have always been well run Canadian firms that have good assets, good management, and a well formed corporate body and investor base. Several firms who are listed on the NEX, TSX, and CNSX actually fit this description and should consider listing their businesses as a primary listing on Frankfurt if they are not getting the liquidity from their local market or investment.

In addition, private Canadian companies looking to go public should consider Frankfurt as a means to an end, and access to markets outside of their local economy which is currently discussing another potential recession if the US recovery goes back into recession.

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