OTCBB and Pinksheets For Sale – Financing Available

The OTCBB market has picked up and shell transactions are occurring on a monthly basis. At www.otclistings.com we understand the needs of our clients and manage to find the right partners who own and operate their companies and are capable of financing the transactions so that a company can acquire a public vehicle and realize the benefits of going public without the financial stress of spending seed capital that can be used elsewhere.

It is fiscally responsible of you to attempt to finance the purchase of your going public vehicle as you are going public via a reverse merger to raise capital not to spend it, to give you’re an investors a viable market and mechanism to exit versus spending their money and not having a company unless you can raise more… its time for you to consider the alternatives as well, of Pinksheet versus OTCBB which there is still available financing in.

In 2008 we materialized over 65 transactions that we have seen and reviewed, in 2009 we materialized over 70 transactions between companies and candidates for reverse mergers who met through our network and contacts. The contacts and professionals who OTC Listings knows stands by their policies and pays out and delivers. Due to the loyalty of many of the clients between the network members, payment terms have become the norm, especially for Pinksheets.

Since the network of contacts within OTC Listings has helped numerous companies from around the world to go public we have become famous for mergers and IPOs, such as Chinese companies listing on the otcbb, Swiss Companies listing on the otcbb, Canadian Companies listing on the otcbb, German companies listing on the otcbb, UK companies listing on the otcbb, Australian companies listing on the OTCBB, South African companies listing on the OTCBB, companies from all over the world! In 2009 we dealt with taking companies public from 15 different countries.

With help from our partners we intend on introducing you to the right contacts to go public. We only ask that you contact us at info@otclistings.com and let us know that you want:

–          To list your company as an IPO on the OTCBB

–          You would like to merge/buy a Pinksheet Shell

–          You would like to merge or buy an OTCBB shell

–          You would like financing for purchasing a shell company on the otcbb

–          You would like to sell a public company that you own

–          You would like to sell your company

With the help of OTC Listings, a company can acquire a public vehicle and realize the benefits of being a public company.

Please contact me directly for more information or if I can be of any further assistance.

Mark Bragg, info@otclistings.com or fill out the comment form in order to be introduced to the financing company.

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