Shell companies are being bought, sold, and financed everyday of the week. The success of going public is evident in today’s latest news. If you are going to go public you should contact In addition, don’t buy a shell until you have spoken to us, one of our audience members thought they were buying a publicly traded company, and ended up buying a reporting company that wasn’t public for $59,990. Don’t get duped like the that, if you want to be public, then lets get you public!

Merger Success In The News:

  • Yantai Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group Co., a traditional Chinese medicine company, raised $12 million in a private placement that was part of its reverse merger with the U.S.-based shell company.
  • A company that manufactures jewelry in China, Wuhan Vogue-Show Jewelry Co., completed a previously announced reverse merger with the U.S. shell company Activeworlds Corp. and raised $5 million in a private placement.
  • Fountainhead Capital Management sold about an 80% stake in the shell company Blink Couture to Regent Private Capital for $350,000.
    GreenHouse Holdings, a San Diego-based company that makes energy efficiency products for homes and businesses, said it went public in a reverse merger with the shell company Custom Q and raised $475,000 in a private placement.
  • Eurasian Capital Partners agreed to invest up to $2 million in Alamo Energy Corp., an oil and gas explorer with offices in Houston and London that went public in a reverse merger in November.
  • A Russian company that says it has developed a less wasteful oil processing plant acquired a 62% stake in the former Dominican Republic catering company Caribbean Villa Catering Corp.
  • Magnolia Solar Corp. went public in a reverse merger and raised $2.6 million in a placement of convertible notes and warrants.
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