A variety of people blog on stocks and twitter. Here are a few I converse with or follow. If you are on twitter, I recommend to follow them as part of my follow friday blog for twitter. Lets see what they have to say shall we. #FF these people!

Http://twitter.com/otclistings is us, so naturally it is the number one twitter I think you should add right now. Also www.twitter.com/jselistings and www.twitter.com/ryanagibson

The unaffiliated twitters to follow or at least take a look at is the following, I will recommend more next week. There are 20 plus and they follow back nicely, so add them.

http://twitter.com/AppleInvestor – A twitter follower who has a good calibre of knowledge on upper level companies and stocks. I like following his posts.

Name Ernie Varitimos

Location Sharon, MA

Web http://ZenTweeter…

Bio Loving husband and Father of 2 beautiful girls, Techno-Geek, Market Analyst, Apple Evangelist, Love Ridgebacks and Martha’s Vineyard, Sports Fan, Zen Buddhist

32,683 Following 31,955 Followers


http://twitter.com/ExplosiveOTC – Founder of www.explosiveotc.com with contacts in the US, Canada, Europe, and various other international markets. Influential online groups, blogs, and social media networking hub for the OTC markets.

Name Markus Limberger

Location Costa Rica

Web http://www.explos…

Bio Markus Limberger is the CEO and founder of explosiveOTC. Home to the most exciting stocks on the internet!

6,949 Following 7,580 Followers



Name PennyStockChaser

Location ÜT: 43.757817,-79.335693

Web http://www.pennys…

Bio Weekly Penny Stock Alerts by the Pros.

10,342 Following 9,989 Followers



Name Stock Trader

Location London

Web http://www.atticm…

Bio Hi, I’m Daniel – Stock Trader, Blogger, Twitter Evangelist, Apprentice Fan, Golfer, Eternal Optimist, Attic Dweller and last but not least a devoted Dad 🙂

8,965 Following 8,194 Followers



Name Stock Market News

8,165 Following 7,718 Followers



Name First Alert Stocks

Location United States

Web http://www.firsta…

Bio Follow My Alerts! Trade em! Don’t Love em! Pigs Get Slaughtered. Disclaimer: Buy any stock I mention at your own risk.

5,137 Following 4,914 Followers



Name Stock Trader

Location CA

Web http://bit.ly/17wUjo

Bio Hard Core investor, Internet Marketing Guru, Poker Player.

5,719 Following 5,214 Followers



Name Stock Geek

Location Inside my computer.

Web http://www.thesto…

Bio Bonafide stock geek.

3,886 Following 4,214 Followers



Name thebullzandbearz.com

Web http://www.theopt…

Bio 30% Return Annually. Professional Option Advisory

5,734 Following 5,273 Followers



Name Buck

Location Western U.S.

Web http://not here yet!

Bio Cross between John Wayne and Jim Cramer

2,739 Following 2,492 Followers



Name Stock Retweet

Location In your wallet.

Web http://firetown.c…

Bio Daily stock tips retweeted from the best in the business.

1,997 Following 1,265 Followers



Name otctimes.com

1,909 Following 1,628 Followers



Name StocksDoc

Location http://www.blashing.com

Web http://acts.stock…

Bio A full-time Seasonal Stocks and QQQQ Trader . . . . as well as Software Developer

1,140 Following 1,071 Followers



Name Promoters of Stock

Web http://promoterso…

1,602 Following 903 Followers



Name Stock Market Club

Location Tucson, Az USA

Web http://stock-mark…

Bio At the Stock Market Club, our mission is to help you become a better trader.

1,779 Following 1,868 Followers



Name Stock Marketing

Location Wall Street

Web http://firetown.c…

Bio Stock Market Watcher and Marketer

1,837 Following 1,789 Followers



Name Big Moving Stock

Web http://www.bigmov…

Bio Big Moving Stock focuses on the best stocks with top fundamentals that may be setting up for a move to the upside. All commentary is based on daily timeframe.

933 Following 1,321 Followers



Name Penny Stocks

Location Pennyland

Bio All about small cap stock investing.

899 Following 809 Followers



Name StockHideout

Location Wallstreet

Web http://www.stockh…

374 Following 689 Followers


http://twitter.com/Growth_Stock A stock market IR and PR specialist out of Quebec who has had a great deal of experience working with OTC and TSX companies. Linked to various contacts within Canada, US, Switzerland, Spain, London, and elsewhere. A plethora of contacts.

Name Francis Mailhot

Location Canada

Web http://www.hyperg…

Bio Penny Stock Updates, Consultancy, Courses and Boot camp.We will provide you with everything you need to be a good penny stock Trader.

503 Following 375 Followers



Name Penny Twits

Web http://www.pennyp…

Bio News, information and insights on OTC and Pinksheet stocks

449 Following 378 Followers

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